"Nothing is out there making this easier, and a lot of things are out there making it harder."




VidCon only exists because online video is a huge, vibrant creative and economic ecosystem of independent creators. People invent whole new genres these days as fast as we used to create shows. At the same time, it's gotten harder. Some months are great, others are terrible. More people have more resources, and breaking out is harder than ever. But we think we're in trouble if the creativity and passion of the last ten years starts to be beaten down by the new established powers, whether that's agencies or networks, or even VidCon, with its necessarily finite invites.

Every week for the next year, we're going to be giving $2000 to a different creator. VidCon's production and content staff will be going through applications and doing our best to pick out different kinds of creators who are pushing boundaries, creating for underserved audiences, and/or making the world a better place with their content. If we don't pick you, it isn't because you aren't great. We aren't trying to change the world, but maybe this money will help you take a risk, do a location shoot, or get a better computer. We just want to make things a little easier because we know this is hard. 

Thanks for making things,

Hank and the VidCon Team